Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, said in a tweet on Twitter this week that Neuralink - the company he founded in 2016 to develop computer-brain interfaces to help humans keep up with advanced artificial intelligence - will offer an update on its progress in this field on August 28 / Next August.

The last update from Neurolink came about a year ago when it indicated that it would use a surgical robot to implant very thin wires in a person's brain, connected to an external computer processing unit. Ultimately, he hopes to make wireless communication between the two maximum freedom and flexibility.

Neurolink revealed in July 2019 that it has already conducted successful tests of its technology on mice and even monkeys and that it will continue testing in humans from the following year 2020.

Jared Birchall Musk co-founded Neurolink, its CEO is headquartered in San Francisco and conducts research in partnership with UC Davis.

The CEO claims the engineering may help individuals with neurological problems repair electric motor features.

The company's aim was initially to utilize its technology to greatly help mitigate the consequences of neurological ailments in people with severe outcomes on movement along with other daily features, but ultimately the company also hopes to use its technology to essentially “upgrade” humans primarily to be able to rapidly think and interact Better by computing devices.

Musk has constantly pointed out the extent of "loss" of effectiveness when introducing what people think through traditional means including the keyboard and "mouse". It is believed that the tightest and most accurate connections between people and computers can help reduce the risks of advanced AI over the capabilities of human intelligence.

He has stated on a number of occasions that he believes that advanced, uncontrolled, and uncontrolled general artificial intelligence poses an existential threat to humanity, and it aims - through Neurolink - to be a way to protect against this threat.

We do not yet know what Musk will share about Neurolink's progress since its last update in 2019, but "we hope to hear something about its plans to start human trials."

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