A new report revealed that a new security feature in the new Apple OS iOS 14 has been able to discover the spying of "Tik Tok" application on millions of its users.

The report says that the popular social media platform was caught red-handed by copying texts from the user's device every few seconds, allowing them to record clicks on their keyboard effectively without their knowledge.

Although this was previously done in secret, users of the beta version of Apple's new iPhone system are getting notifications when an application collects user data, and they receive a lot of these notifications when writing on "tik-tok".

Jeremy Berg, head of Emojipedia online, shared a video clip about copying data while working on the app, and initially blamed the tapping feature.

In a statement to the British Telegraph newspaper, which first published the news, a spokesperson for "Tick Talk" said that what users see is actually "a feature designed to identify repetitive, unwanted behavior", and not a deliberate violation of privacy.

"We have already sent an updated version of the app to the Apple e-store to remove the anti-spam feature to eliminate any potential confusion," he said, stressing that "Tik Tok is committed to protecting user privacy and transparency in how our application works."

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