"During the virus development process, the capacity of the virus infection can increase or decrease, but I believe the SARS-CoV-2 virus that was found on the Senvadi market is more infected than the virus that was  In Wuhan market in Wuhan. "

 He described the monitoring of new cases in "Beijing" as a "surprising result", especially in light of the authorities' strengthening of the capabilities of virus detection, the expansion of tests and the coming of the summer season.

 He pointed out that a large number of people infected with corona in Wuhan were not related to the city's animal and seafood market, unlike the current epidemiological scene in Beijing, where all new infections in the capital are linked to the "Senfadi" market for the sale of food products in bulk.

 He expressed optimism about containing the new outbreak in Beijing, saying that the country has gained extensive experience in infection control and has established effective protection mechanisms from it, which enabled it to take the necessary measures to control the epidemic and combat it quickly.

 He stressed that the emergence of new sources of outbreaks of the virus and other strains of it hinder research work on developing a vaccine to prevent the disease.

 He added that if it is proven that the new strain of the virus entered Beijing through imported agricultural products, the Customs Authority will be forced to place the imported goods for agricultural and veterinary quarantine in the future.

 And last Saturday, the authorities closed the "Senavadi" market in the "Fantai" area temporarily, after epidemiological tests showed the presence of Corona virus on a plate to cut imported salmon, and imposed war emergency in the region.

                                                                     Source: Novosti

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